TSI ensures that all transmitters of the client are operated with minimal interruption and at maximum permissible power. All major transmitter sites are manned by experienced and licensed ECE’s and/or 1st Class GRCO/RTO, while the unmanned sites are serviced by TSI’s highly skilled maintenance engineers at the soonest possible time in case of major breakdown. Aside from actual operation of the transmitter system, the department addresses all other factors in minimizing, if not preventing off air and other operating discrepancies. Foremost of these are preventive and corrective maintenance of transmitter systems and their periphery equipment, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for the system and notifying clients on the needed parts and consumables.

All transmitter sites report to TSI’s Central Monitoring System daily sign-on/sign-off and all discrepancies for immediate dissemination to all concerned personnel. These data are periodically processed and analyzed for operational improvement and technical planning purposes.