Project Management

Undertaking the construction and activation of a broadcast transmission facility requires various disciplines of engineering to be at play. These involves the fields of electronics, mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering. The need to orchestrate these different activities to make the work efficient and complete the project at the shortest practical time makes it imperative to have a specific work plan and have all the activities properly managed.

TSI offers project management services where assigned TSI staff are tasked to coordinate with all the entities and contractors and ensure that the individual undertakings of these units are in accordance with agreed timetables. This would also enable TSI to foresee any major hindrances that would prevent the completion of the project at the agreed timeline.

Project Management services can be extended by TSI to any project involving the operation of a broadcast transmission facility. With the use of tools such as Gantt-Charts, time & motion studies, Critical-Path method and others, TSI can provide value to the client by ensuring that projects are undertaken at the best possible time and at optimal cost.