System Integration

The setting up of a broadcast transmitting facility is a complex undertaking involving the integration of various components into a working system and delivering the required signals to the target radio and/or television market.

TSI can provide systems integration services for all major components of a broadcast transmission facility. These include:
• Transmitter systems (exciter, power amplifier, power supplies, cooling system)
• Transmission Lines
• Antenna Systems
• Studio-Transmitter Link receiver system
• Television Receive Only (TVRO) Satellite Receivers
• Baseband signal processing equipment (video processors, etc.)
• Generator sets
• Automatic Voltage Regulators / Uninterruptible Power Supply
• Tower Lights
• Automatic Transfer Switch
• Phase Converters
• Air Conditioning Units

TSI employs highly experienced technical personnel to undertake the integration and commisioning of a broadcast transmitter facility. Banking on its depth of knowledge in operation of television and radio broadcast transmitters, TSI can provide key inputs in optimizing resources of the client.